And then, my banker said to me…

Apr 29, 2011 | General

Here’s a story I have to share with you.  This was related to me by one of my clients and even though this story is outrageous, this is a true story.

I couldn’t make this stuff up!

One business owner I work with was in her local bank, speaking to her bank’s Manager about the changes she was making to her business.  This very proactive owner was sharing the steps she was taking to grow her sales, and how she was working to become more of a Destination, pulling customers to her business from a greater distance outside their immediate town.  This process of becoming a Destination Business, she explained, would help improve their whole community, as more customers make the trip to see her business, other businesses nearby would benefit from the increased traffic.  This owner continued explaining the detailed steps she was taking to drive more sales and customers into her business, including physical interior and exterior improvements to her facade and floorspace, and major marketing changes she was excited to be implementing.

The banker intently listened to the owner, but finally turned to her and asked point-blank: “Why do you want to be busier?”

True story!  Unbelievable!

Maybe it’s time for this owner to find a new bank that envisions her business as large as she does.