The Destination Creation Course

This is Jon Schallert and let me tell you about the Destination Creation Course.

The Destination Creation Course was an idea that community and association leaders first started asking for a few years ago. They wanted a shorter version of my Destination BootCamp class, and they wanted it to be taught in any location, in rural small towns or urban areas, anywhere a group of interested business professionals could get together to learn.

We first previewed a version of the class to seventy (70) downtown managers and business owners associated with the Texas Main Street Program. And they liked it.

We then held the first class with facilitators in August, 2019, and have held both in-person classes and virtual ones during the pandemic.  After each class, we make significant changes to the content and structure of the course with input from our facilitators.

The Destination Creation Course is an 8-chapter class.

Chapter 1: Becoming a Destination Business
Chapter 2: Your Unique Positioning
Chapter 3: Your Leadership Responsibility
Chapter 4: Targeting Your Most Profitable Customers
Chapter 5: Capturing Consumer and Media Attention
Chapter 6: Creating a Customer-Focused Company
Chapter 7: Marketing Your Destination Business
Chapter 8: Collective Marketing

All of the content for the class is recorded in our Destination University online library. Content is accessed through our Destination University portal, and webinars can be viewed on your computer, mobile device, or phone. Some of the content might be viewed during the class, but participants can also view all of the content from home, but that is really decided by the Facilitator’s delivery of the material.

At the end of each chapter are individual questions that tie the material back to each individual owner’s business. This allows for owners to finish a chapter and immediately put into practice in their businesses the concepts discussed in the class.

In the 8 Chapters, I’ve recorded 10 webinars on my Destination process. In all, my webinars run for 3½ hours, each one averaging 20 minutes in length. These are the core components of the class and business owners who listen to these 10 webinars are able to go back and make dramatic changes to their businesses.

Additionally, in each Chapter, I’ve selected interviews that we’ve done with world-class business experts and authors. These extra interviews have been selected to give supplemental information that dovetails with each Destination step. There are 9 of these interviews, and if a person listened to every one, you’d learn from four (4) hours of supplemental content.

If this sounds like a great course to you, there are two ways to take the class:

  1. If your community or association has a person who would like to go through the process to become a certified Facilitator, click on our “Become a Facilitator” page and have them attend our Destination Train-the-Trainer class. This class is entirely taught online. Once that person is a Facilitator, they can lead a group for your community, your association, or for business owners anywhere in the world.
  2. Look at our Facilitator pages on this website and contact a trained, certified Facilitator. Learn about each Facilitator and feel free to email any of our facilitators to see if they will be conducting a class in your area soon.  Many classes are also offered virtually.

We hope you’ll agree that the Destination Creation Course is a valuable tool to help business owners grow their revenue and change their communities.  Regardless of the situation of the business, of your community, or your association, this class will give businesses tools they don’t have now, and every business can use this material to grow their sales and customer traffic.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our Facilitators or reach out to me directly at [email protected].

Jon Schallert