Lessons from an Egg Farm: Increase Your Revenue, Have More Free Time, & Get More Customers Using Accelerators

Jul 3, 2020 | Blog, Covid-19 Business Strategies, Small Business Success

I recently interviewed an owner of a chicken farm who used one piece of advice that improved their production and efficiency by 1500%.

Best of all, what she learned is directly applicable to every business. Even yours.

I want to tell you about my daughter, Jenna, and her Kansas farm which has about 1,200 egg-producing chickens. The eggs from Jenna’s chickens are all given away to hungry people through the non-profit she created and each month, she provides hundreds of dozens of farm fresh eggs to people in need.

Needless to say, I’m one proud Dad. But this story isn’t just my chance to brag about my daughter. This story has a profound lesson in it for every one of you.

When Jenna first started out with her non-profit chicken farm, she did everything by hand. The chickens all roam around in coops (150 feet long and 24 feet wide) eating grain and drinking water. When she started, the water for the chickens came from 8-gallon watering containers which had to be filled with a hose, and then, carried into each coop, with 3-5 waterers per coop. (Each waterer weighs over 65 pounds). Jenna did that. She also had to pour grain into the feeding troughs, and then, go around to the 30 nesting boxes (where the chickens laid eggs), and collect each egg individually.

After collecting the eggs in buckets (at the beginning, about 140 eggs a day), Jenna would haul the eggs to the sink, individually candle the eggs (that’s chicken-talk for checking for cracks), and then, hand scrub each egg to make it clean, finally putting each egg into a carton and labeling each carton. For 140 eggs, it took her about 6 hours of work every day. As the chickens laid more eggs and Jenna added more chickens, her days grew longer and longer, all the while feeding more needy families.

But a funny thing happened that changed everything: The guy who provided the metal for her first chicken coop was named Marvin, and one day Marvin mentioned to Jenna that during his weekend, he helped collect 14,000 eggs at his father-in-law’s farm.

That got Jenna’s attention and she asked Marvin some questions. Turns out Marvin’s father-in-law (Andy’s his name), had an automated egg production facility over in Missouri.

Shortly thereafter with Marvin’s help, Jenna traveled 3 hours away to Missouri to see Andy’s farm. And when she got there, she saw Andy’s automated conveyor belts that carried eggs from the nesting boxes into a separate egg cleaning room and a machine that thoroughly cleaned each egg, all automatically. She also saw how Andy’s coops each had automatic waterers (no need to haul 8-gallon containers of water), and automatic grain feeders (no need to haul grain and pour it out), and instead, an auger pulled the grain from a grain silo directly to the chickens, all by flipping a switch.

Andy willingly shared his knowledge and expertise and most importantly, the mistakes he’d made over the years that now allowed him to process thousands of eggs in a day. And shortly afterwards, Andy helped design a smaller, similar system for Jenna’s coops and that system was installed this Spring.

Now, with this investment in her business and the time she put in to learn all the new processes and machinery and reconfigure every part of her egg production business, she took a tremendous leap forward, all because of Andy sharing his expertise of what worked and what didn’t.

If you’re interested in statistics, Jenna went from feeding, watering, collecting, cleaning, and packaging 12 dozen eggs in 6 hours at the beginning of her business to doing all the same processes with over 1,200 chickens, but now she can process over 62 dozen eggs in 40 minutes by herself. A 1,500% increase in efficiency.

But here’s the lesson: None of this increase would have been possible without Marvin mentioning Andy’s name and Jenna being inquisitive and asking more, and Andy taking the time to take Jenna through an eye-opening introduction into efficient egg processing.

And finally, Jenna questioning how she was doing business and wondering if it could be dramatically improved.

The key in all this was Andy. Andy was the Accelerator. Andy shared his knowledge, mistakes, experience, and processes with Jenna and helped her see a vision for her non-profit and what was possible to accomplish in a fraction of the time she was spending, all enabling her to help hundreds of more people every month with free food.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could discover your own Accelerators for your business?

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