Why Now?

Every day we turn on the news during this Covid-19 crisis and something’s changed, often for the worst.

But as I talk every day to independent business owners and community leaders around North America, there are heroic entrepreneurs and local leaders making a difference, organizing their cities and towns, and owners courageously running their businesses.

And we never hear about them.

We hope to change that.

Our company, The Schallert Group, is not a big corporation with a large staff. We are an independent business just like the hundreds of thousands that are across North America. And I believe we have information that can help.

This website is not a directory of resources that owners have to wade through. We are focusing on creating what I call “Silver Bullet Solutions”: Single tactics, strategies, and actions that anyone can put into practice that will generate positive action and incremental sales with the proactive steps we’re highlighting.

Recently I conducted a conference call with twelve owners and community leaders from around the United States. During one-hour of collective brainstorming, I listened to each entrepreneur talk about what they were doing to stay positive and connect with their customers. I came away with three full pages of proactive steps these owners were implementing to drive revenue into their businesses under the most stressful of times. Some owners are even realizing stronger sales in this Covid-19 world by using a host of online and customer-focused services.

I’m hoping we can tell their stories.

You’ll see on this website information about a class I created last year, the Destination Creation Course. You’ll also see on this website the class schedules of upcoming classes and you’ll learn about our trained, certified Facilitators. Collectively, we have mobilized in a short amount of time to  make a positive difference for entrepreneurs who right now are under an enormous amount of pain and stress. If you’re a business owner or a community leader who would like to take the Destination Creation Course, you can pick the most convenient time and learn about the Facilitator who’ll be leading the class. If you would like to become one of our Facilitators and lead the class yourself, information on attending the Destination Train-the-Trainer class is here also.

During these tough days, I believe entrepreneurs and business owners want to know what to do next.

We hope this website provides some of those answers.

Jon Schallert